Paper Sculptures

Origami by Himanshu (Mumbai, India)


Welcome to my website about Orukami, aka Origami. I am an Origami practitioner since 1989 and have set 5 world records for large Origami.

My Origami sculptures have been installed at art shows and events around the world. I have also worked with brands like Dell, Lexus, Audi, Hermes, MTV, Lacoste and many others for their Online/ Print/ TV advertising campaigns and visual merchandising.

Teaching Origami is an enjoyable and fulfilling activity. I have shared this art in schools, colleges, design, engineering & management institutes, corporate offices, hospitals, and institutions for challenged children.

This ancient art of paperfolding is made of two words: Oru means ‘to fold’ and kami means ‘paper’. It is simple in its approach; tools: hands, medium: paper. Yet, a world of artistic expression lies within the humble confines of this sheet of paper.

Over the years, I have enjoyed folding many paper sculptures using Origami techniques. In particular, I have developed my own style of monumental Origami and expressive Origami sculptures.

I have lived in Mumbai (India) and Lodz (Poland) but have traveled to several countries because of Origami.

I hope you enjoy my musings, renditions, original sculptures and diagrams for a few favorite Origami designs.