Paper Sculptures

Origami by Himanshu (Mumbai, India)


Hi! Welcome to my website about Orukami, aka Origami. I am an Origami practitioner since 1989 and have set 5 records for large Origami.

My Origami sculptures have been installed at art shows and events around the world. Clients include Dell, Lexus, Audi, Hermes, MTV, Lacoste and many others. We have worked together on Online/ Print/ TV advertising campaigns and visual merchandising.

Origami, the ancient art of paperfolding, is a combination of two Japanese words: Oru = ‘to fold’ and kami = ‘paper’. It is simple in its approach; tools: hands, medium: paper. Yet, a world of artistic expression lies within the humble confines of this sheet of paper.

Teaching Origami is a fulfilling activity. I share Origami concepts in schools / colleges of design, engineering & management. Origami is a great stress buster hence it’s beneficial at corporate offices. Above all, folding Origami models is soothing. It gives a sense of accomplishment and is certainly a lot of fun!

I have enjoyed folding many paper sculptures, over the past three decades, using Origami techniques. In particular, I have developed my own style of monumental Origami and expressive Origami sculptures.

I have lived in Mumbai (India) and Lodz (Poland) but have traveled to several countries for Origami art events.

I hope you enjoy my musings, renditions, original sculptures and diagrams for a few favorite Origami designs.