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Origami Ganpati Ganesha illustration by Himanshu Agrawal Mumbai India

Hi! Welcome to my website about Orukami, aka Origami. I am an Origami practitioner since 1989 and have set 5 records for large Origami installations.

My Origami sculptures have been displayed at art shows and events around the world. Venues include the esteemed National Art Gallery, Singapore; CODA museum, The Netherlands; Sharjah Art museum, UAE; CSMVS (formerly Prince of Wales museum), India; BDL museum (formerly Victoria and Albert museum), India and several others.

Besides conceptual Origami Art Installations, I have designed bespoke paper art for marketing communication. 

Clients include Dell, Lexus, Audi, Hermes, MTV, Lacoste and many others. We have worked together on Online/ Print/ TV advertising campaigns and visual merchandising.

My Origami Art Studio, Orukami, is an homage to the ancient art of paperfolding. It’s a combination of two Japanese words: Oru = ‘to fold’ and kami = ‘paper’. 

It is simple in its approach; tools: hands, medium: paper. Yet, a world of artistic expression lies within the humble confines of this sheet of paper.

Origami Chickadee illustration by Himanshu Agrawal Mumbai India

Origami concepts are beneficial at schools / colleges of design, engineering & management. Origami is a great stress buster hence it’s relevant at corporate offices. Above all, folding Origami models is soothing. It gives a sense of accomplishment and is certainly a lot of fun!

I have passionately shared my understanding of Origami, its simplicity and profoundness with thousands of enthusiasts. I’ve had the privilege of interacting with all ages, special interest groups, the convalescing and the terminal, the students and the scholars through Origami. And, at places ranging from remote rural regions to posh corporate offices. Teaching Origami is a fulfilling activity. It has taught me to be compassionate and patient. Each session is a new opportunity to light a spark.

At Orukami, the focus is on exploring and rendering the hidden geometry of organic forms through folded paper. While the abstraction of simple mountain-valley folds looks beautiful, the art gets infinitely more complex when a living form is represented on a sheet of folded paper. Over three decades I’ve explored this aspect of abstraction in reality and continue being enamored by its simplicity.

Origami Abstract Singapore National Art Gallery by Himanshu Agrawal Mumbai India

From folding paper in isolation to folding with a global community; from folding palm-sized models in a small room to folding a 105 ft (32 m) dinosaur in an airplane hangar, it’s been a long, eventful and thoroughly enjoyable journey with Origami. In particular, I have developed my own style of monumental Origami and expressive Origami sculptures.

I have lived in Mumbai (India) and Lodz (Poland) but keep traveling to different countries for Origami art events.

I hope you enjoy my musings, renditions, original sculptures and diagrams for a few favorite Origami designs.

Himanshu Agrawal Origami Artist Mumbai India


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